Why choose Ischia?

In the beautiful Gulf of Naples there are 3 diamonds admired all over the world: Ischia, Capri and Procida. Ischia is the largest Island with her 47 km2 and uncontaminated places where the time seems to have stopped. People who decided to spend their holidays in Ischia can choose between different beaches enriched by Mediterranean vegetation. For this reason the Island is called “the Green Island”.
Ischia meets the expectation of the guest with her beautiful landscapes but also satisfies the most refined palates with typical Mediterranean dishes .
Ischia is an ideal place to restore body and soul because the guests can take great pleasure during the long walks in the mountains or on the beach and in taking a tour of the island by boat or by car.
Ischia satisfies every guests’ needs, it is suitable both for those who seek peace and quiet as for those who are looking for an active nightlife thanks to a wide range of pubs, clubs and discos.

The Caruso Resort is located in one of the most beautiful place in Forio d’Ischia called
” Punta Caruso” just 10 minutes from San Francesco beach and 1,5 km from the centre of Forio by bus. In Forio there is a port, where the hydrofoils connect regularly the island with Naples.



From Capodichino Airport you must reach the “Molo Beverello” . The cheapest way to arrive there,  is to take the Alibus Shuttle that connects the airport with Beverello. If you will take a taxi you should ask to the driver to apply the predetermined rate to Molo Beverello.


To reach the Island of Ischia with your car, you should embark at one of the two ports : Molo Calata Porta di Massa in Naples and the other in Pozzuoli.

The residents in Campania can’t embark their cars.


Napoli Centrale railway station is 3km from the port of Naples. The bus or metro is the cheapest way to get there but if you want, when you arrive at Napoli Centrale, there is a taxi service just outside the station.